It is still early days for my Mojo-journaling, a book I’m working on. Originally I created the Mojo Diary for a few friends. Now I am expending on it to share here as a blog with more people. I had stumbled up on a way of journaling and planning my day, inspired by Kelly Bennett. At the same time I observed many people around me struggling with with the stress and the pressures of life. I decided to write short motivational pieces on self-care. I felt they should be short enough for a busy person to read and simple enough for people who had not studied psychology to follow. And then I realized that I was writing a book.

I think the pressures of life can cause you to feel weighed down and like you have lost your joy or your Mojo. You might ask: ‘Your what?’  Some people say mojo is the quality that attracts others to you and makes you successful and full of energy. There are various meanings to mojo but I have joined two words together:  More + joy = (Mo)re (jo)y. It describes your vibrant health (body, mind and soul) and enjoyment of life.  This is a very attractive energy. I hope that this mojo-journal will be of help to you.

I want to bless and encourage people and since I have only printed 10 copies for people I know I want tol make it available to as many people around the world as possible. In the meantime I will share my mojo-reflections with you.


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