A note to self

Know who you are …

Know your needs, identify them and express them clearly.
Find your voice. Find your style.

Own who you are and take responsibility for your actions: present and future.
Forgive those who’ve hurt your past. Protect your present. Don’t say yes if you mean no.

Be confident and assertive. Enjoy every moment of your life.
Let go of everything that does not serve you (or your age, health, body and self-esteem).

Do not be afraid to fail or make a fool of yourself;
No one is perfect and not even you. You need to let go of that image of yourself too.

Be busy with few things, being intimately involved with it, and do a good job.
Have less in your life but more quality, more time to do less, and more space with less material goods.

Listen more and speak less: if there are no words to listen to then listen to sound.
Show up in your life but don’t expect to show off.

Make the best of yourself, your talents, gifts and wisdom
Flourish, flower, germinate and seed yourself.

Leave a legacy behind.

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