+ 100 Followers, wow!


I have reached the +100 Follows with the current tally of 101 and want to thank you, the WordPress blogging community and my readership following on other social media platforms for all your interest in my blog posts. I have especially enjoyed being part of WordPress blogging community and having your support and connection. It is an amazing feeling being able to converse with so many of you knowing that some of you are on the other side of the world; so through blogging I have made many new wonderful friends.I have also enjoyed reading your blogs and following you too!

I also want to honor my mother and my father, Margaretha and Wellwood (Joe) Armstrong for I owe my creative genes to both of them. They were both artistic and wrote well. As a child I was completely smitten by my father and couldn’t wait to go to school so that I could learn to write like him; before I was able to know whether my father wrote well or not. My mother was a graphic artist and worked with magazines which was also a whole other world of inspiring words and images which had me entranced. I also give thanks to my Creator God for my creative inspiration.

Some bloggers have asked the question – why we write, what inspires us. One of my drives to write is that I just knew I wanted to write from the age of 5 years old. So while when I started out blogging I was not really thinking about the following (and it was a total surprise to have followers) I realizeΒ  it is also an integral part of writing to have an audience and I am very appreciative of everyone of you.Β  It has been a worthwhile journey for me so far. Although this is a short post it is a post that belongs to all of you too as you are part of the ‘fiber’ of my posts. When I write I think of you. Please keep commenting as I love having your interaction and feedback.


Take care, from Morag

– remember life is a gift, be inspired and make it happen. – MN

26 thoughts on “+ 100 Followers, wow!

  1. Congratulations hit my 100 followers too today running at 102. Its an awesome feeling and feel so connected with all of you. To another many more 100’s to go! :):)

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