Break old Routines

Break the old routine
pause after 'breath in, breath out' 
break for something new.

Old air floats away 
Poised in mid air lingering 
Fresh air flowing in

New ideas grow 
Through reflection and musing 
Consciously seek

Break is good for soul 
Accept Vulnerability 
Tender heart awakes

Images painted in acrylic and water colour, by Morag Noffke. If you use my images please acknowledge and back-link to my image or post. Thank you.

Ironically this poem that I chose to share with you today almost seems like a ‘prophetic’ action for me – providing opportunity for putting it into practice. This is the first day that I am using a new format for my posts. I find that learning some new technology or procedure can be infuriating when you can’t sail along easily as usual but have to figure everything out step by step.

It reminds me of traveling in new countries and lands where you have figure out where to go, new customs and languages. I usually find it challenging but also fun; much more fun than trying to work out some new procedure on the computer. That I find stressful. So I am presently reminding myself that I just wrote this poem – break the old routine, and indeed pause after breath in, breath out, as I break for something new. I also remind myself that travel is an adventure and so can other new routines be an adventure. This poem links to Wednesdays post ‘I turned around and I saw my reflection.’

Life is truly a gift and an adventure, 
so be inspired, 
take it one breath at a time
breathe in, breathe out
and pause.

Take care.