An African Road Trip: Namibia 2013

The highlights of our African Toad Trip in Namibia.

This post gives you all the links to the places we visited in Namibia, just in-cased you only started following me recently.

I have inserted a video of Wild Landings: Namibia (pilot episode) here as I think it is an amazing episode to watch about exploring Namibia; it is full of adventure, interesting details of animals and places as well as environmental information. They are great storytellers and they created suspense as well. It has both lighthearted funny moments and more serious political references to the history of Namibia. It wasn’t something I wanted to cover in my blogs but it is very well portrayed here with sensitivity and truth, but without too much detail. If you are interested in other countries and the people of those lands I would highly recommend you watch it. It is an hour long, so what better time to watch it than now in lock down or social distancing. Let me know what you think of the video.

Here are my posts from our Namibian travels.

African Trip: The quiver tree forest and Giant playground.

Etosha Nature Reserve

Back on the road, in Namibia

Poppa Falls: The ups and downs

Take care, and enjoy.

Here is where you can find the links for the next part of the trip through southern Zambia.

Our highlights in Zambia

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