Thetis Lake

While we were visiting Vancouver Island we took an hour walk around Thetis lake which is made up of two fresh water lakes joined by a narrow piece of land in between and it is located in the Thetis Lake Regional Park on Vancouver Island. Needless to say, with the forest surrounding the lake, this was an absolute treat for me.

Today as I display these photos I chose them specifically because of their reflections because I am in a most reflective space at the moment. So although these images are taken in 2014 the words are about my reflections for the present time.

We walk along 
a crooked path
wondering where we are headed,
the path winds out of view
and the bends to reveal 
a place
far off
where we would rather be... 
Thetis Lake, photo by Morag Noffke, 2014
We wish our life 
was in order
like the reflections
All sorted
in a calm
and pleasing pattern...
when instead
the winds of time
ruffle and disturb
our vision
and nothing seems 
to make sense...
Thetis Lake, photo by Morag Noffke, 2014
We must search 
for the colours of hope
Orange, gold and red
those moments
that will guide us
to the other side...
Thetis Lake, photo by Morag Noffke, 2014
when the light 
breaks forth
it might
seem imbalanced
and we cannot recognize
which is up and which is down
Thetis Lake, photo by Morag Noffke, 2014
That is the effect 
of the pandemic;
Its like sitting on
a wished for island
and not knowing
our way back

Thetis Lake, photo by Morag Noffke, 2014
but there IS no way back
only forwards to a hope affirmed;
we must move on
embrace our personal newness.
I choose a hope fulfilled
above a hope deferred. 

I wish for each of you much hope for the way forward to a new you.

30 thoughts on “Thetis Lake

    • Thank you so much. Sometimes it is hard to find that positivity when life throws curve balls but I believe it is so much more advantageous to choose to hold on to hope ; although that doesn’t mean pretending all is well if it is not. β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

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  1. Just beautiful! I love the pics and the poem and can resonate with the words a lot.

    As usual this post is a lovely blessing in my day… πŸ™‚

    Thank you…

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  2. Guess most of us are in a time of reflection. I’m there too currently, always this time of year, my time of reflection, got a little to do with the changing of the season as well.
    Loved the poem! Thank you for sharing!

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