I have taken the opportunity to share a fellow South African blog post, wetanddustyroads.com, where she gives an explaination of what it means to braai and wonderful descriptions of the many dishes. She has written a series and in each she covers the different types of food one can cook as well as the lovely camping places she visited. I do hope you will enjoy her posts.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

Wet and Dusty Roads

Since all of our travelling is currently on hold (though, we are fortunate to travel inside of our own country), we thought to share with you what keeps us positive (and happy) during these uncertain times – preparing food on the fire!

We will still share some of our earlier travels and adventures with you on our blog, but in the meantime, we will have a weekly ‘braai weekend’ post.

What is a ‘braai’?

A proper ‘braai’ of a juicy piece of steak (Credit: Stock photo’s)

The word ‘braai’ is an Afrikaans word, meaning barbecue. This means you grill or roast (mostly) meat over the open coals – something South Africans love to do (especially during weekends).

So, be warn … you will see a lot of pictures of food (and the occasional drink) over weekends on our blog☺️.

Getting the fire started

We’ve started today’s braai with a lamb…

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13 thoughts on “# ‘BRAAI’ WEEKEND Nr 1

  1. Ah that braai….I just had a breakfast , but after looking again on their meat…… becoming hungry again….. Can’t wait when we will start our BBQ season. Have a wonderful braai weekend!

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