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I am woman who has survived this far to tell the tale of my travels and my life’s challenges. I view life as many individual journeys which I have traveled throughout my time. These journeys, like chapters of a book are spun and woven together to make a strong firm canvas, that of being my life.

I enjoy thinking, communicating and expressing my thoughts through art, poetry and writing. I feel deeply connected to nature, creativity and people; I aspire to be an active citizen in my community, wherever that is. The world is my community. Travel, either figuratively in stories and ideas or literally in going to new places, is made up of the fibres of all my interests.

I am a South African and currently live in Scotland with my husband. We have two married daughters living in the United Kingdom. My vision is to live life well and to the full; being grateful for the abundance of opportunities all around me. I love to share my thoughts and experiences for the greater good of the World which I am connected to. I believe that which positively impacts the quality of your life is your well-being and I encourage others to develop it through creative introspection. I enjoy the idea of Β co-creating and collaborating with the Creator-God

Welcome and Enjoy my posts!

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    • Thank you so much! Feel free to read and comment when you have the time πŸ˜„I am excited to find your blog too and will continue to peruse it. I hope to share some of my experiences through art once I have settled in. πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ’


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