Letting go. And so as spring returns to the southern hemisphere so does my spring-cleaning continues with renewed fervor. At the same time my mind creatively processes my life from beginning to end. I collected shells and dead insects from when I was in junior school till recently. Oddly insects are also like shells, they … Continue reading Shells

I Love Life.

I have written about growing older recently, here at My Aging Autumn Years , but that doesn't mean that we feel old or feel sad about getting older. It means that we are preparing for a meaningful retirement when it comes because we love life. We want to embrace life. So in order to live our … Continue reading I Love Life.

Highway 93 is a north-south highway in Alberta, Canada. (Part Two)

In my last post, Visiting Alberta Rockies, I told you about visiting Lake Louise. I received a lovely encouraging comment from Alisendopf saying that we had chosen a good time to visit as nowadays Lake Louise is brimming with tourists. We had the Lake virtually to ourselves which would be rare now. You can see … Continue reading Highway 93 is a north-south highway in Alberta, Canada. (Part Two)