Thetis Lake

While we were visiting Vancouver Island we took an hour walk around Thetis lake which is made up of two fresh water lakes joined by a narrow piece of land in between and it is located in the Thetis Lake Regional Park on Vancouver Island. Needless to say, with the forest surrounding the lake, this … Continue reading Thetis Lake

Love’s bloom

In my opinion... Far more important than it's appearance is the scent of the rose; compared to it's colour or shape scent invites me in. It's scent makes all the difference: so too the scent of a friendship or romance, it's essence is more alluring and captivating than mere actions and appearances. Love, trust, patience … Continue reading Love’s bloom

Artist’s Journey: different ways of making marks.

Different ways of making marks by the same person. Different types of making marks can be achieved by using different types of art materials. In the first collection we see rubbings made by using leaves and bark that have given the patterns by rubbing wax crayon or pencil over the objects. This is typically an … Continue reading Artist’s Journey: different ways of making marks.