Makuzi Beach, Malawi

Our stay at Makuzi Beach.

Finally, after quite a bit of searching, we found a place where we felt happy to settle for 10 days of holidaying: camping style. It was a relief to stop and relax. We could sleep as long as we liked and do nothing if we wanted to. I got to catch up with my journaling and poetry writing. I find it difficult to keep up the writing when I feel like I am hurtling through life at the rate of knots, stopping at a different place everyday; I need to be calm and centered to feel comfortable enough to write.  


The local people would come by and sell fresh produce such as bananas, papayas, oranges and tomatoes and in this way we got to eat different fresh foods every day. It was always intriguing to see what we would be offered. One time we were offered cassava but I didn’t know what it was at the time so didn’t buy it. It is a carbohydrate originally introduced to Africa by Portuguese traders from Brazil.

Derek, being more gregarious than I am, revelled in the community of travellers that we met as they came and went. On one such occasion there was a group of travellers that had come from Gauteng in South Africa during the school holidays. There was one man that Derek struck up a friendship with who taught Derek some culinary things on the fire such as ‘potbrood’ (a bread baked in a round cast iron pot on the coals); roasting peanuts in a cast iron pot and the finer details of braai (barbecue). As you can see from above he burnt the meant some what so his new friends offered their cooking advice. The memories of camping with fellow travellers are made up of all the interactions we had.

Next time I will tell you a bit about boating and swimming.

Till next time take care!

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