Ferry trip across Lake Kariba.

The ferry trip was a highlight for Derek. He had been really excited to be travelling by boat. For some strange reason even although my father was a seafaring ship’s captain and I had been brought up on boats as a young girl I do not share the same excitement for being on a cruise vessel or ferry. We were running on time when we hit a snag: A flat battery to be exact. I hate running late and we had to be there by a certain time or the ferry was leaving without us. This was more stress than I needed.

Fortunately we did make it on time with the help of other kind travellers and once we were on the ferry we were more relaxed. It was a lovely peaceful trip, meeting more Put Footers and sharing stories from all over the world. We stopped at one point and people swam; eventually the sun went down and we enjoyed sun-downers and a golden sunset.

In the evening the fishing boats began to make an appearance, one by one, little by little filling, and the whole lake was twinkling with little lights in the dark, like diamonds on black velvet. The ferry droned on and drowned out the voices of the fishermen and in my private world my mind drifted off into a story time so fictitious, made up of bits and pieces of memories, foreign waters and inspiration. I finally wrote it down and I will tell it to you next Thursday.

The next morning we arrived at our destination in Zambia.

Till next Thursday, take care.

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