Trauma’s Stooge

28/10/22 Trauma’s Stooge Old Trauma came visiting in the night Gave me quite a fright New Insight took control Gave Trauma quite a fight. Now I know I am stronger than my Trauma even when it visits in the night My Insight gives me control, I’m no longer Trauma’s Stooge.


Happy Birthday Mom, 20 10 2022 Dear Mom, I miss you since you died, 3 years ago – I missed you even before you died, for several years when you went deaf and we could no longer have our conversations. Your being deaf was a barrier to our wonderful conversations about life. I miss our … Continue reading Mother

A Postcard Stirs up Fond Memories. Painting by Gwen John, a corner of the artists room in Paris. A Postcard Stirs up Fond Memories. (This was first written for the my group of writing friends in response to the prompt of the painting by Gwen John , A corner of the artist's room in Paris.) The image of the empty … Continue reading A Postcard Stirs up Fond Memories.


Letting go. And so as spring returns to the southern hemisphere so does my spring-cleaning continues with renewed fervor. At the same time my mind creatively processes my life from beginning to end. I collected shells and dead insects from when I was in junior school till recently. Oddly insects are also like shells, they … Continue reading Shells