Victorian crafting Series with Ellie: Bon Bon Boxes (and Gift boxes)


Materials used.
cardboard / recycled box
gold spray paint
various patterned paper serviette
white and gold ribbon to decorate

If you want to make your own box you can see Ellie’s Victorian crafting Series: Bon Bon Boxes where she gives a tutorial on folding a box from cardboard.

I decided to use a recycled box instead of making one from scratch. It appeals to my Earth-care values. I then spray-painted it gold. I did three layers. It took a while as I had to wait for it to dry. I was tired when I started this project and I felt flat. I guess it is because of the state of the world. I kept thinking, ‘I am making a bon bon box for who? I am in lock down – who can I give it to?’ So as the gold was taking time to dry  it gave me time to process my feelings on a deeper level; I often find that being creative helps me to process.

After the gold dried I glued on the ribbons to attach them on the inside; the white one was a tie, the gold one was a handle. To finish the box I met with Ellie from Elliementalist . I layered patterned paper serviette, using clear glue; one for the black lace effect and the other for the leaves. If you are interested in this process I encourage you to view  the discussion of how I do my layering process here on my other blog site, Journal extracts .



Here is the finished image. In the end I was very happy to have made the box and want to make more in future. It was fun and I can use them as gift boxes or bon bon boxes when we get to the end of this lock down. I am sure you are also looking forward to being able to move about freely.


Take care – Life is a gift, be inspired and make it happen. – MN


You can also view Victorian Craft Series: Monograms and Cyphers

7 thoughts on “Victorian crafting Series with Ellie: Bon Bon Boxes (and Gift boxes)

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  2. I was going to reply to your what am I doing post and eound up here. C,a va. During this lockdown, I’ve been painting the outside of my house. Not the most appealing pastime, marginally more interesting than cleaning skirting boards, but the weather has been lovely. The dogs like it outside as much as I do. It takes my mind off my wife, who’d sister is in ICU with Covid pneumonia and, well, not doing well now. Its affecting us all in different ways, bringing out the very best in most, but the not so admirable in others. Right now, we just hope to survive this along with my sister in law. And why I’m trying to post something each day.

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    • We spent a whole day working in the garden planting beans and fixing the irrigation system on Sunday and I paid for it the next day. My back was complaining bitterly. I can only imagine what it must be like to have a relative in ICU… My one daughter is in London, has asthma and started displaying all the symptoms… We were sitting on the edge of our seats just waiting, hoping for good news. Fortunately after a week her cough receded. 🙏🙏 Thinking of you and your family in these times. Thank you for responding to my blog and for following. Take care.


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