Stanley Park, Vancouver: our visit.

After Derek finished his business meetings (the reason why we went to Canada in 2014) we visited Stanley Park. Vancouver is known to be one of the friendliest cities for cycling. We were looking forward, before Β traveling to Canada, to cycle around Stanley Park on the seawall but as I was not feeling well we decided not to cycle but instead we traveled in a horse drawn coach. The tour guide had a theatrical flair with much humor. She definitely made an impact as Derek still remembers her unique manor of speach. Β 

Stanley Park is a peninsula encompassed by the English Bay beach and the Burrard Inlet (the inlet is a shallow fjord created in the last Ice-Age).  Not to get into too much history but I would like to mention that before Vancouver was colonized Stanley Park was traditionally the territory of a coastal indigenous people, called the Squamish people  and there was once a village there called Whoi Whoi, or Xwayxway, (means Place of Masks). So the depth and complexities of the history should be respectfully considered.

Here are the totem poles that we saw in Stanley Park.

Take care, till next time.

27 thoughts on “Stanley Park, Vancouver: our visit.

  1. I’m not well travelled but the Pacific coast of Canada and the US has been a dream. I doubt I will get there now so this post will keep the embers of my dream alight. Seeing those totem poles in Stanley Park, amazing!

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    • Thank you, I am happy to think it revives something in you. I never imagined how beautiful it was, an absolute treat and the totem poles were awesome… It was hard to take it in. It really holds a mystery. I felt quite humbled to see it. We have nothing like that here.

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