Traveling to Vancouver Island (Oct 2014)

We had never traveled in Canada before and as we usually travel with local transport to keep our expenses down it was a bit more challenging finding our way around at first. At least all the signboards were in a familiar language. We managed to find the bus station and the correct bus in a limited time for the ferry departure. I found it exciting and also nerve wracking but it was amazing to be whizzing along highways and byways β€œon the wrong side of the road” as in South Africa we drive on the left-hand side of the road. We made it into the bus shelter at the ferry and soon boarded. It was a big ferry compared to the ferry that we had taken over Lake Kariba and I enjoyed the experience. I knew how cold it got, on the deck, in the wind because we have traveled on ferries in Scotland as well. Even although I am apprehensive of traveling on the water I also at the same time am awed by the beauty of the coastline which is why I took so many photos. It was also interesting how the ferries navigate past each other.

To our absolute joy we saw two familiar faces, as S and B, who had offered to meet us at the ferry and travel back with us, taking us to their home. S and B were the wonderful warm-hearted hosts who we stayed with while on Vancouver Island. We have been friends since S stayed with my mother and I, when I was a teenager. I got to know her like a sister and as I don’t have any siblings it was a treasured time in my life. It was so good to see them again after 20 years. Soon we were whisked through more beautiful countryside back to their home. Vancouver Island is a wonderful place and there will be more photos to come in the future.

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20 thoughts on “Traveling to Vancouver Island (Oct 2014)

  1. We are not good long-distance travellers but I have dreamt of travelling to two places which I deem to be very special. Japan, and also the northwest coast of North America. From here they are would be going east and going west but in fact, they both sit on the edges of the Pacific Ocean. I cannot explain my reasons! Your photos are wonderful as I’m sure your memories are too!

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  2. Wow, so many beautiful photos. I had a chance to visit Vancouver a few years ago, but never managed to explore Vancouver Island, which I still regret. It’s such a beautiful and diverse place! I’d say you can easily spend a whole week on the island and still not see everything. Thanks for sharing and have a good day πŸ˜€ Aiva

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  3. Oh, I LOVE the ferry crossing. So much fun. Looks like you had clear weather too. The last time I crossed, it was so foggy that the ferry had to blast its fog horn every couple of minutes. We crawled across – took forever!

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      • Yes, very cool. We were stuck on the island for several days, when it was supposed to be an overnight trip. Couldn’t fly home. Took the shuttle to Nanaimo, then ferry broke down. Got it fixed then super slow crossing. Taxi to Vancouver airport and could fly home from there. All in, out felt like Trains, Planes and Automobiles. 😁 Despite having to get home to my kids, it was a fun adventure.

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