Meditation Knitting – Set Up

The pandemic is on the lips of many and is spoken about in many ways. Why ever not? It is something that has created a huge challenge for most of us. It is an extremely painful and difficult time. This description could refer to what many people refer to as “The Dark night of the soul.” We might ask why the pandemic is happening: and there are as many answers as there are people but we could rather be asking ourselves: how do I live at such a time as this. What is this dark painful time asking or summoning from me? How does this calamity change the way I live my life, not superficially but what might I change so that I live the authentic life I long to live or the meaningful life I long to live. How do I summons up the courage to answer the call that is personally springing up within me?

We can only answer these questions for ourselves but there needs to be pause for such thoughts: A resting space where we can discern the answer. Or maybe it is an energized space that digs deep within. There are many ways to practice discernment: prayer, meditation, reflection, contemplation, singing, walking, breathing, dancing, exercise, creativity etc. Today I want to share Ellie’s advice on creating an environment that is conducive to meditation, reflection or mindfulness. It simply discusses how we can use space, sound, smell and light and, although her suggestions are for knitting, it can be used for many ways of quietening the heart for reflection and discernment.

Have a good week. xx


Dear Readers,
As promised today I am going to be telling you a little bit about how I do my meditation knitting in a little step by step guide. (As with last week’s post this also applies to crochet)

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12 thoughts on “Meditation Knitting – Set Up

  1. I like how Ellie describe the process of getting her space ready … I always clean (or at least organise the area around me), because only then I can concentrate on settle down. Great tips from Ellie to become quiet and content 👍🏻.

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  2. A very beautiful post! There had been a great reformer in India. His name was Raja Ram Mohan Roy. People say that now covid is playing roles of a social reformer.

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    • 😄I am glad you found it inspiring! And I think it is possible to try crochet at any age and might be rewarding, it’s worth a try. Find some one who can teach you or maybe YouTube or even a book depending on the way you like to learn. 😉


  3. We all were truly in this together and hopefully have found support and help from loved ones and friends when possible. I see so much of the stress from the last year not only in others but also in myself. Thank you, Morag, for addressing this. It helps to know we are not alone in this “dark night of the soul.”


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