To fly or not to fly

One thing Derek always wanted to do was fly. I’ve always been a cautious person and wasn’t keen for him to learn while our kids were young. Our kids are in their twenties now so a

year ago Derek managed to get his pilots license and now he spends many happy hours in the sky flying a microlite. Am I up there with him? No thank you, not yet. I was never happy going down a slide as a child nor going on roller coasters and Derek reckons it can get quite bumpy up there. I do however enjoy his videos of the flights because I love seeing the views.

This view is of the beginning of the west coast which is dryer and flatter than the east coast. I like the raw beauty of the uninhabited coast going up towards Namibia but you can see the urban creep here as Cape Town spills over into Blouberg. Derek is still learning to make videos videos and receives many comments from our kids on how he can improve. Well I hope the visuals give a view into part of our world. What are the things you and your family like to do?

Here’s his flight along the west coast between Blouberg and Cape Town.


Enjoy life!

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