Meditation: making space for feelings.

‘Feelings and river sounds‘ accompany Week 3 Making space for feelings compassionately from the Mojo Diary. You don’t need to have read the book to use the meditation which you can find here ‘Feelings and river sounds’

We can experience feelings anytime but uncomfortable ones often emerge when we experience challenges. Meditation and awareness can be helpful when you need to create an inner calm, when facing challenges. I have offered meditation as part of my Art workshop courses that I have run since 1999. I now offer one-on-one meditation as a separate service as I have noticed that people are much in need of it when experiencing stress and or needing to process life.  It has been suggested that I make recordings of my meditations so this is officially the first one.

I am inspired by nature and the water sounds were recorded at this river in Fernkloof Nature Reserve. I hope that it will inspire you too.





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