Your energy depleted after challenges…


Discover your restorative ‘treatment’

What have you experienced that has depleted your energy? Maybe you organized an important event or used up all your energy on a project at work or had major surgery. Did you find something restorative to do to re-energize you? I discovered that art can be a refreshing activity if I don’t expect too much from myself. It is a ‘tonic’ for my soul.

First time mothering  was challenging for me. You just don’t know what to do or if you are doing the right thing; I had wished that there was a handbook with the do’s and don’ts. As a young mum it is horrible to have to  deal with one’s own anxiety and look after a baby. Thankfully the most important knowledge was passed onto me from my mother, mom-in-law and other experienced mothers; woman are a wealth of wisdom – one should not be afraid to ask or offer wisdom.

So 28 years ago, before I had my first child, I had been doing water colours and I was considering a career in illustration. But after her birth I didn’t feel inspired to do anything original. I was tired all the time. All of my energy was focused on the baby. I decided to find a non-demanding form of art that I could pick up without much thought. It is a good idea to do something that is just for yourself when you are feeling depleted. I went to decorative art (European folk art) classes as a less challenging alternative. My painting style is loose and decorative art is a very different technique compared to watercolour painting.  As it has quite strict rules it probably wasn’t really suited to me in the long run but it was fun and good to get out of the house, learning something different and mixing with people on my own.

Take your mind of your problems.
At first I practiced repeating the brush strokes over and over. It was therapeutic. I was satisfied with this learning process and enjoyed it immensely.  The repetitive motion reminded me of meditation (meditation is another useful thing to do if you are feeling depleted, and there are many different types of meditation to choose from). It took my mind off things and to another place. I wasn’t  all that good at it but that was not the point. I was out, with people doing a little art and I found it refreshing.

Practicing my strokes.


If you are feeling depleted it is a good idea to find something new that you might be interested in and have never done before or to pick up an old interest. You could explore starting a new hobby, interest or physical activity which could take your mind off your issues or to revive you. It is a useful step in looking after your well-being. I didn’t take it too seriously as I was just looking for an outlet for my creativity in my state of  exhaustion. I did it for a year and as I am a non-conformist I didn’t stick to the traditional colours or even the painting techniques and as a result my work is not an example of the typical traditional style but rather of how I found it a rejuvenating treatment. It is also a unique memento of the good time I had.


The following illustrations show some of my work.


If you are feeling exhausted, depleted and not very inspired  yet want to be creative  or  active what would you try doing?

Drawing * Painting * Carving * Knitting * Weaving * Woodwork * Sculpture * Pottery

Dancing * Yoga * Pilates * Hiking * Acting* Walking

Drumming * Guitar * Singing * Yodeling * Spoons

Dog walking * Animal training * Bird watching

The list is endless!


Take care of yourself and find yourself a restorative ‘treatment’ for when you get depleted.




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