Victorian Craft Series: Monograms and Cyphers — xYOOPxz

Welcome to the first installment of my Victorian Crafting Series working with Cassell’s Compendium of Victorian Crafts. Morag and I decided to start off with the Monograms and Cyphers because we anticipated that it would be a relatively quick one and also because it would give us something to use as a cohesive image throughout […]

via Victorian Craft Series: Monograms and Cyphers — xYOOPx

Re-blogged from Elliementalist, thank you!


My addition: My monogram is made up of MFN. F for Frankie.

Here you can see how I started on the left (this was a first try), just with the front image and the right-hand image shows the colour I added and the gold filigree which was done last.

In these two images you can see that I didn’t wait for the gold to dry so I smudged it when rubbing out the pencil sketch. It is a reminder to not be impatient. I had to redraw the whole image.

If you are in lock down or in isolation maybe you would like to try your hand at designing you monogram. I welcome you to share your images with us.


Thank you, Ellie, from Elliementalist for inviting me to join you on your journey with your Victorian Crafting Series. I look forward to our next craft session, over Skype.

Remember – Life is a gift, be inspired and make it happen.

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