What are you doing today?


Mats crocheted by Margareet Armstrong.

On Saturdays I normally post a poem I have written. I have decided to take time during this very unusual phase in our lives to ask you what you are up to. In South Africa we are in lock down as from this last Thursday. Some of you might be in lock down or self isolation or socially distancing yourselves as well, wherever you are in the world. We have been united through a common aim: gain victory over Covid 19.

So what have you been up to lately?

I just hand washed a whole lot of crocheted mats. My mother, Margareet Armstrong, was a very creative woman. She died last October from Bronchitisus (damaged lungs) one week before her 88th birthday. She is well known for her knitting but she also crocheted mats from nylon string. She first made bathmats and then went onto making dogs mats. When she died I decided to keep hers as I also now have her dog. Most of the mats are scattered in my art studio for the two dogs to sleep on as I spend most of my days there.

These mats, I have discovered to my dismay, have to be washed by hand otherwise they unravel. It is therefore quite a palaver and they are heavy so I don’t like washing them. I decided that this was just the right time to be doing one of those chores I have been putting off.


A close-up of the nylon crocheted mats Margareet Armstrong made.



Please remember to let me know what you are doing.


Life is a gift, be inspired and make it happen!

16 thoughts on “What are you doing today?

    • Thank you Tamara, I think documenting flora and fauna is an absolute fabulous thing to be doing. So interesting. I wish I could do that. Learning how to teach children online would be quite a challenge for me. I hope you find it not too challenging but that some new avenue opens up through it too. All the best


    • Thank you for the link. It was most interesting. It reminds me of Charlotte Mason. She was an educator in England around the beginning of last century. I think she started cottage schools and had a very creative way of teaching.

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  1. Wonderful! I would love to make some of those mats too but they have become very popular so the materials for making them have become expensive!

    We might be doing some gardening today but I will definitely be having an online knit together with my regular coffee shop group this afternoon ❀ stay crafty

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