Lock-down Memories: Pastel Winelands.

Stellenbosch winelands, Western Cape, South Africa. Chalk pastels, by Morag Noffke.
Stellenbosch, winelands, cropped, by Morag Noffke.

There is nothing better than to visit the winelands in the Western Cape of South Africa, on holiday or on a Sunday, and to enjoy the beauty of the rural setting. Of course there is wine tasting, cheese tasting, restaurants and interesting little shops to visit too but my favorite thing to do is to wonder about and appreciate the peace and quiet of the surrounds; and hopefully find a picturesque view to inspire my creativity.

This scene has special memories as we and our two daughters enjoyed this particular visit. The image never quite looks the same on the computer than in reality when it comes to the portrayal of the colours but its good enough.

Which image do you prefer? The horizontal [landscape] or the vertical [portrait] view? Please let me know, I am interested in your thoughts.

Take care.

19 thoughts on “Lock-down Memories: Pastel Winelands.

  1. l flipped between both and liked both. But I wondered what it would look like with more of the left side cropped and leaving more of the line trees on the right. I think the trees added more to the perspective of the scene. I do love the colors and the shadows too.


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