Poem: Fostering creativity

The creative process is a delicate state, 
the balancing of imagination and logic. 
Preparing, percolating, playing, 
mulling, musing, waiting, wafting, wanting, 
incubating, inspiration, illumination.
The creative process is not linear, 
Cannot be forced. 
Inspiration comes in a moment, 
a flash that ignites or emerges 
slowly like a dawning light.
Either way you need to feed the fire with fuel, 
a constant burning in your heart, 
not the ravaging devastation of the fire 
but that warm glow that keeps on 
flickering little lights of inspiration.
Don’t smother the muse 
with grumbling criticism, 
judgemental rejection 
before your true artist’s style 
steps onto that catwalk of confidence.
Let logic be the editor 
of kindness and encouragement, 
let it's eyes see possibilities and hope, 
let it’s tongue be truthful and polite, 
and it’s touch be healing in its adjustments.
When you dream and imagine 
take the steps to create your image 
so that we can all see it, hear it, 
feel it and perceive it. 
Never give up.

Creativity goes on and on....
there is always more.

Half of living is reflecting on what is being lived

Henri Nouwen

I think this quote is true of creativity too and so there is always more.

Take care and foster your creativity.

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