October and our lives go on….

This year has been a very odd year for all of us because of Covid-19 and for me October feels like a significant month within this year so I decided to mention a few things to my readers at the beginning of this month.

Firstly it is breast cancer awareness month and as a breast cancer survivor I would like to remind you of all the people who are fighting for their survival or for those supporting someone going through this ordeal. There are many causes for breast cancer but the most important thing is that you go for your regular check-ups to catch it as soon as possible.

October is also the first month for me after I had my double mastectomy in 2012. When I look back it feels like it was my new beginning, fighting for a new life. Every patient’s journey is unique but no doubt tumultuous and at times, torturous: mentally and physically. I am grateful for the life I have.

As this month starts I feel the stirrings of memories of last year, this time. This week last year was the week before my mother died. It was not a surprise as she was getting really old and had a number of illnesses but still it is never easy going through the journey of the final hours of losing a loved one.

I have lost 14kg (just over 2 stone or 30, 8 lbs) since January 2020. I now fit into some of my mother’s jerseys and jumpers which she knitted. Every so often I wear them. My clothes are so baggy on me now that it feels nice to wear something more fitting but I also feel like Goldie Locks trying out the different sized beds and chairs. I won’t wear my mother’s jumpers forever but for now it is comforting to see the garments she made and it is a type of remembering, honouring and tweezing out what suited my mother and what suits me; metaphorically as well, as in some ways we were very different people and other ways we had similarities. It is going to be an intense month for me as it is also her birth month as well.  

As you can see this is a intense time for me and I shall include you in some of my thoughts on my relationship with my body, cancer and my double mastectomy, my weight loss journey as well as a few thoughts about my mother.

May you have the wisdom and strength to cope with this next month; we never know what is around the corner. Take care.

6 thoughts on “October and our lives go on….

  1. Well said, my friend. I am thankful you are healthy and well. I am also thankful for your friendship. The ways you shared about your recovery after the mastectomies were insightful and beautifully worded. I encourage anyone going through it to read your blog posts. Hugs!!

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