Health and Weight Matters

...Little servings of thoughts coming your way...

Dear friend,

You have asked me what I did to lose weight and I would love to encourage you and so I have decided to wright to you about my weight loss in the form of a letter.

I really feel that weight matters when it affects our health and wellbeing. There is a lot that can be said on this subject but I aim to keep it personal, an account relating to my experiences. My health issues associated with my weight really were the catalyst for me to find my path to health through weight loss. I aim to share my experiences and practices, but it doesn’t mean that I am laying out a diet or rules to follow.

Each of us is different: eating different foods according to culture and beliefs; and while there are scientific proofs for certain diets there are as many counter proofs for other diets. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have investigated as many diets as I have; in the end it is all a matter of choice and what is most comfortable for you; and what makes sense to you and works of you.

I do believe in being kind and patient towards ourselves. If I feel I failed one day or one week or month I don’t beet myself up any more – I practice patience. Nothing is cast in stone: I believe in flow and flexibility; trial and error; so long as you keep moving forward in the direction you are aiming. Any amount of change in the right direction is good and important.

My letters will be like little servings of thoughts coming your way. I hope they satisfy your interest.  

Much love, Morag

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