The Aspiring Artist’s Journey – Sketches

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This is part of a series where I will display my various sketches from my journal. It is in response to people who have expressed a desire to become more creative in visual arts. We all have that seed of creativity planted in us and all we have to do is nurture it. Just because you already have an outlet for creativity doesn’t mean that you can’t explore other avenues. I am all for exploring, experimenting and expressing so the aim of this series is not to show my expertise but to encourage you: you can do it too if you want to and if you believe in yourself.
If I can, you can.

Where do I start?
Sometimes we want to be creative but feel stuck and in need of external inspiration. As a writer I have a little notebook that I carry around with me so that if something sparks my attention or inspires me I jot it down. In a similar way as a visual artist I use my same notebook or one for drawing and I sketch whatever catches my attention. I might notice textures or colours or shapes or light and shadow. I might notice a certain subject matter attracting my attention over and over, so I draw it: in that way I have it for future reference.

I find that my writing and visual art is inspired by my inner thoughts, ideas and dreams. I often draw my dreams out because it is quicker than writing it down; then I just jot down some important key words. When I refer to it in the future I remember everything about the dream. This really is what I refer to as journaling.

I hope you will feel encouraged or inspired to try your hand at visual arts. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any explanations, I will try to answer them. Thank you for visiting my blog.


Today I want to show you my little character sketches I did a few years back. I often think of and work with archetypes. What are Archetypes?

Dictionary meaning roughly speaking is as follows:

  1. a very typical example of a certain person or thing or
  2. in psychoanalysis, like in Jungian theory, a primitive mental image inherited from the earliest human ancestors, and supposed to be present in the collective unconscious or
  3.  a recurrent symbol or motif in literature, art, or mythology representing good or evil, old or young, life or death etc.

In my first set of drawings I was thinking about my inner critic. I will introduce you to her as Kill-Joy. (My apologies to anyone called by the same names or who might look like my characters, it’s nothing personal). This inner critic is often one of the inner parental voices we have. I consider my critical voice to be very discouraging, and destructive. The result of Kill-Joy jabbering in my ear is that I feel disheartened and discouraged. She is not like the empowering editor, Encouraging-Emma, who is also an inner parental voice. Encouraging-Emma offers constructive criticism and wants the best outcome.

Angry smirking Kill-Joy, By M. Noffke.
Disapproving Kill-Joy’s mean face, by M Noffke.

Often Kill-Joy talks to my inner child, Playful-Polly-Anna who, at best is, full of fun and responsive, exploring and experiencing life.

Sulkie-Susie sabotages, by M Noffke.

This inner child can sometimes respond in a sullen or stubborn way or even as the saboteur. This is when I might call her Sulkie-Susie. The “inner child” and the “inner parent” have many faces. What we all really want is the nurturing parental voice to come help or soothe or comfort us but sometimes we need Encouraging-Emma to help us grow up and develop our skills.

  • Try imagining what your inner critic and inner child look like? How do they move? What do they do? What do they sound like? What names would you give them?
  • Do you hear your editing voice or nurturing voice: are they encouraging you? Or do you only hear the critical voice?

For many years I struggled to hear anything but the critical voice or the unhappy child’s voice. These might be seen as silly little drawings but it is both a fun way of getting inspiration for drawing and a thought provoking creative way of expressing inner thoughts and words.

Why don’t you give it a try? Please let me know if you do or even better blog about it.

Take care, Morag

33 thoughts on “The Aspiring Artist’s Journey – Sketches

    • You are welcome, I often need to use references myself when I am not familiar with drawing the subject matter… I guess it’s the same with writing… If one knows the subject matter it’s easy to recall but if one doesn’t know the subject one has to research and learn about it first before feeling comfortable with the subject. The archetypes are quite useful in writing and developing character studies if one writes stories or plays. I find it an interesting topic.

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  1. This is such a great idea!! First off, I love your floral artwork. The colors are stunning and very soothing to look at. Secondly, I love how you created visuals for your inner thoughts; turning them into characters is a cool and healthy way to understand them!! Very inspiring way to understand ourselves and also to create art. 💜

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  2. Inspiring post Morag! Humans are creative beings and I believe everyone has a gift. I used to love drawing. We all need to find what brings us joy! I love to dance which makes me very happy. Blogging is also a meaningful way to communicate and share our stories.

    Sometimes we are our own worst critics. I have had to deal with a critical voice, I would name her critical carmen, but I have since realized she is not the boss of me, I don’t have to listen to her. I have a kind voice, that always looks for the good, like Pollyanna, her name is compassionate carmen. ❤️

    Love and blessings!

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    • So true I believe everyone has been given a seed of creativity and it can blossom in many different ways. Like you I love to dance, write, I also love to write music 😂sometimes I feel like I have too many interests 🎶😅I love the way you said that critical Carmen is not the boss 👍👍and that you don’t have to listen to her. I can see that you are listening to beautiful compassionate Carmen 🤗🤗 I enjoy seeing all your photos and reading your blogs. Love Morag 💕

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