Vancouver is part of British Columbia and is situated on the west coast of Canada. As a coastal city it is hugged by the mountains on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. The ocean has a tempering effect on the climate, making it mild. I found it to be a beautiful coastal city.

It reminded me of my home town, Cape Town in South Africa, partly because of it being situated on the coast and the mountains but also because it feels cosmopolitan in culture like where I come from. It is known for its night life and for being a foodie heaven with lots of different types of restaurants: Korean, Hawaiian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Ukrainian, Malaysian, Italian, Mexican etc. so we ate from different restaurants every night. Β 

Another thing it is known for is its art, theater and music but we did not explore these as it was mainly a business trip for Derek. I had the daytime to myself and one of the days I walked down to English Bay Beach. This day stood out for me as when I got back to my hotel I was unusually exhausted and it was then that I realized that I had an infection. I had done so much walking that I didn’t feel up to exploring that evening and so we decided to order in food instead.

Here are some photos of English Bay Beach. I am not much of a photographer but they do give you an idea.

It was the first time I had traveled in a country where people travel on the right hand side and so it took some concentration crossing roads and using the pedestrian walk ways.

Take care, till next time.

22 thoughts on “Vancouver

  1. Great shots of English Bay. You caught Vancouver on a good day. It’s been years since I last visited Vancouver. I used to live about an hour to the east in Abbotsford and Chilliwack during college. About once a month, my friend and I would get tickets to some big production, play or musical. We’d make the drive to the Big City and have a great night out. Thanks for the great post and memories!

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