Travels in Canada

Why we went to Canada in 2014

“I want to visit Canada,” Derek announced with a flash of inspiration. “But we have just done a 40 day trip up into Africa last year (2013),” I protested. Derek is much more of an adventurer than I am. I like my comforts and routines of home life and I had just started writing a story which was in full swing; I didn’t want to be disturbed. Derek has his own business, called PurpleSwift , which offers software solutions for air-conditioning in the building world and he explained that he wanted to go primarily to negotiate a deal with a company in Vancouver but he also saw it as an opportunity for a new adventure. (I knew he didn’t really want to travel on his own so as his life-companion I agreed to go on another trip.)

I was excited because I would get a chance to visit an old friend who had made Vancouver Island her home with her family. The basic plan would be to spend 5 days in Vancouver and most of the rest of the 3 weeks on Vancouver Island and wherever else. Derek operates largely from spontaneity whereas I contain my spontaneity to my creative world and otherwise have a more organized approach. Over the years we have learned to dovetail our personal styles to benefit each other rather than it being a point of contention. So soon after us arriving in Canada he announced that he would love to visit the Icefields Parkway (part of the Canadian Rockies) and that is how we landed up doing a short 5 day road trip from Banff to Jasper as well.

I am not going to recount our story day by day like I did with our African road trip but rather I will portray our trip largely with photos showing different places we visited.

 I look forward to sharing our experience and perspective of the parts of Canada we visited in the next few weeks.

Take care, till next time.

48 thoughts on “Travels in Canada

  1. I visited Quebec with my family when I was 16 so I saw a totally different view of Canada. But totally enjoyed the whole trip. I hope you enjoyed your trip there too. Looking forward to more photos and adventures for you two.

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  2. You’re so funny! You never have to justify a trip to Canada 🙂
    I am looking forward to seeing this trip from the perspective of a traveler. I grew up on Vancouver Island, and have been skiing and hiking the Icefields Parkway for decades. I can’t wait to see what you got up to.

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    • Oh wow that’s amazing. I loved Canada so much I didn’t want to leave 😂 the people are so friendly and gentle. I felt so safe and it’s so beautiful. I feel like I am going to wax lyrical now. 🌷🌹💕🌈🎶

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      • That is SO nice to hear. Thank you. May I ask where you are from? We get visitors from all over the world. In the winter, I am a tour guide at Lake Louise and give guided tours of the ski hill. I’ve met so many wonderful people, many of whom come back every year to ski with us. In the summer, if I’m hiking near one of the touristy areas, I do try and chat with people.

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      • I am from South Africa. It is quite an effort getting to Canada. We flew 12 hours from Cape Town to London, had a 6 hr layover then 9 hours to Vancouver. We were there in October. It was lovely seeing the autumnal colours. I was quite sick with a UTI which was most disappointing because I couldn’t quite shake it for most of my holiday. We stayed just up from Lake Louise. So beautiful. I would be happy to live in those parts but we have never experienced snow and have never done skiing 😂. If we ever visit there again I will let you know I am coming, just at least to say hello 😀.

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      • Wow! This is a LONG way to go, and a lot of effort too. I appreciate your perseverance, especially when not feeling well.

        October could have been very cool (or cold and snowy!) so that was a brave time to come. I’m glad the weather cooperated for your journey.

        Yes – if you ever make the trek again, please do let me know. If I ever make it to YOUR end of the world, I’ll do the same.
        Hugs from Canada!

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      • I was glad too, that the weather was good to us especially as we don’t really know snow. I think it did snow over night at one place because I remember walking in very thin snow.

        Yes please do, if you come this way. That’s a great idea… It’s very warm here 😂 it seems so weird talking about travel since this pandemic but I am hopeful. Hugs back from South Africa 🤗

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  3. I too like my comforts and routines of home life! So I rarely travel. But I’ve always wanted to go to Canada (it’s not too far from me, here in New Jersey) and am glad that you had the opportunity. Your pictures are next-level gorgeous, like something out of a (non-cheesy) brochure! I hope that you and your husband had a wonderful time.

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  4. I’ve lived in Canada since I was five years old. The funny thing is, I have been to more States (about 25) and places in the USA than Canada. Living in Ontario ever since we immigrated from Germany and the only other province I’ve been to is Quebec. I would love to go to Vancouver someday.

    It’s a beautiful world!

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    • Yes, it’s also a big world 😀. We have ties to UK because my family come from there and my children have moved there now… So I know what you mean about gravitating to certain places but if you can go see Vancouver and Vancouver Island it is a wonderful place. Thanks for visiting my blog. 💞🌹

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  5. Derek sounds like THE man to have on a trip 😁.
    We sort of planned our holidays in the past, but after we’ve walked two Camino’s in Spain and Portugal, we now only plan the beginning of a trip and then take it from there … and surprisingly, so far, it worked out every time 😉.

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      • We took 5 weeks for each Camino. We’ve done 720km on the Camino Frances (in Spain) and just more than 620km on the Portuguese Camino … thinking back, it sounds almost impossible that I’ve walked that far! You can read somewhere on our blog about a day to day diary of both Camino’s (as well as one we’ve done in South Africa) – under the heading of “Camino”.
        If you ever get the opportunity, go for it … even if it’s just for a week or two … it was a life changing experience for me and my husband (and surprisingly our marriage survived these hiking journeys 😁).

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