A Postcard Stirs up Fond Memories.

https://churchwritinggroup.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/gwen_john_a_corner_of_the_artists_room_in_paris_cardiff.jpg Painting by Gwen John, a corner of the artists room in Paris. A Postcard Stirs up Fond Memories. (This was first written for the my group of writing friends in response to the prompt of the painting by Gwen John , A corner of the artist's room in Paris.) The image of the empty … Continue reading A Postcard Stirs up Fond Memories.


Letting go. And so as spring returns to the southern hemisphere so does my spring-cleaning continues with renewed fervor. At the same time my mind creatively processes my life from beginning to end. I collected shells and dead insects from when I was in junior school till recently. Oddly insects are also like shells, they … Continue reading Shells