Some thoughts about Travel and Life.

I have been reflecting on different areas of my life. Many of you will know that we have traveled a little bit through Southern Africa, the Rockies in Canada, UK and the coast of Spain. My love of travel started the year after my father died. Although we’d been on an ocean liner as a family and camped many times  I was too young to remember it. In 1970 my mother and I traveled from by train from Cape Town to Durban in Kwazulu Natal. In 1971 we took a train to Zimbabwe (known then as Rhodesia), the main highlight for me was visiting Victoria Falls and an island on the Zambezi River. These experiences whet my appetite for seeing different landscapes and meeting new cultures. The last influence was when I met R and L Jones who had just come back from traveling and had stayed in a Kibbutz. I found their life very intriguing and I thought one day I also want to travel.  

Travel, although it is an aspect of life, it is like our travels through life. To travel is like pursuing our end goal. There are many goals along the way which we get to stop at and explore but we still know where we eventually want to end up. Exploring a new town or country is “making real what is not yet attained,” like dreams, it becomes reality but when we explore we also often get more than we bargained for and this could be good or bad stuff. You can read about my examples here: Finding Prince Sibeso’s place timeously was a blessing, crossing the Botswana border was terrifying; while Victoria Falls, swimming in Lake Malawi and fending off baby wasps with an umbrella at Poppa Falls were some amazing experiences.

To journey is to enjoy what is on route: whatever our interests are: people, architecture, customs, history, weather, the local situation, their politics and the personal ups and downs of journeying. This is just like life. We expect life to run smoothly, often complain when it doesn’t, some of us even try to control life tightly in our fists so that we don’t face any unexpected situations. But if we let go and flow with life, we enjoy what is on route; it might not be exactly the way we thought it would turn out but it will be fuller and richer. My experience of life and travel is that it is much better than what I imagined it would be.  

Some of my requirements for life and travel

There are requirements; we can’t just sit back and hope it will happen. We need desire, vision, planning and research, good equipment, maps, money, a good support system, good advice, perseverance, tenacity, patience and courage to explore new situations and places. These are just a couple of things we need.

Choice is also a very important part of life and travel. We all have our own choices to make and should not feel bad for making them just as we can’t judge others for their personal choices. When traveling some people choose to do things on a shoe string budget and go camping or house swapping; others live lavishly in hotels and guided tours and some choose just to be comfortable. What is important is that we tailor our travels or our life to suit our interests and life style.

Travel challenges old stale ways and notions. It might even help us to become flexible, robust and resilient because it is easier to accept different scenarios in a place we don’t live; but I wonder if we set aside old interests, preconceptions and fixed thinking in our lives generally – could we be more open to new possibilities and situations. I find it a fascinating topic to be mindful of; each of us is going to be different on our journey in life and in travels because we are so unique.

What have you experienced in traveling? Tell us of a situation which you found remarkable or you found challenging or that brought you the most joy.

P.S. I had a complaint from my husband that my last post didn’t have any photos, I do hope these photos make up for the lack.

Take care

28 thoughts on “Some thoughts about Travel and Life.

  1. Lovely post, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and experiences.

    As an autistic person travel can pose a lot of challenges for me but if I have my safe person (husband) with me and we do enough planning I can enjoy it too. ☺️

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  2. I enjoyed your article, Morag. Good things to keep in mind on all of our travels, through different places and through life. There is so much to see and experience, both outside and inside ourselves.
    And I loved the beautiful photos!

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  3. So much wisdom here. I always find traveling opens my mind in unexpected ways. I don’t set off looking for aha moments, or seeking a new perspective on my life or some needed change in direction. And yet that is often what happens!

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  4. “Exploring a new town or country is “making real what is not yet attained,” like dreams, it becomes reality but when we explore we also often get more than we bargained for and this could be good or bad stuff. ”

    That is so well-put! I haven’t travelled much but having read your take on it, it sounds like an absolutely wholesome experience. I also agree with what you said about choices.
    Beautiful writing and wonderful photos!

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  5. Travelling and exploring are in fact investments made in ourselves. I agree when you say, …if we let go and flow with life, we enjoy what is on route… So true and beautiful! Thank you for sharing your brilliant thoughts along with awesome pics.

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  6. I enjoyed traveling with my family as we kids grew up. We traveled to Mexico, Montreal, Quebec and through several states on the way there. About 6 years ago I flew to one sister and her husband’s in Missouri and the other sister and her husband’s home in Idaho. I also traveled to Germany twice to see my sister-in -law’s family. I got to see the Alps at a distance and the home of Lindt Chocolate! The Alps were breathtaking! I loved your pictures! Well, done!

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  7. Morag,
    What a delight to read and receive your wise words on travel. I too experienced an ocean liner with my family and much, much camping across Europe as my dad fulfilled a fellowship studying architecture with a wife and three little kids in tow. And much of that was when I was too young to remember. But he took many, many slides and wrote it all down, so I got to relive it as an adult taking in his words and stories. Those were the most precious days with my dad. I guess it was a double dose of blessing. There is so much to say here. Wonderful questions! You have stirred my heart. Beautiful post, as always!

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  8. Traveling through life is an awesome adventure!

    I enjoyed reading about some of your life/traveling adventures! Your photos are National Geographic-worthy! Your experiences and thoughts are interesting and profound.

    As a Canadian, I especially remember reading (and commenting) about your Travels in Canada. 🇨🇦

    My traveling experiences stay vivid in my memories: the people, the places, the scenery and … the clothes. I collect clothes and always go shopping, it’s a tangible reminder of our journey every time I wear them.

    We are more of the shoestring budget travellers. However, not camping. I’m not a happy camper.😞

    As a person who has always loved picture books, I agree with your husband, photos enhance my reading experience. Perhaps you could add a photo of the lovely view from the sunny room that overlooks the fynbos. 😊

    Love and blessings!

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