Sailing: Inner Grounding

Sailing is fun.

I used to go sailing with Fritz Nebe, when I was a teenager (+/-1978 – 1981). I learnt all about sailing and adventure, thanks to him. We sailed from Simon’s Town to Hout Bay; and from Hout Bay to Saldanha Bay. There we spent many weekends sailing and swimming in Langabaan Lagoon. He was engaged to my mother but died of a heart attack before they could get married. I value my connection to him and all I learnt through him as I lost my father when I was six years old.

I have learnt in life and through the storms of life: so long as I know that I am grounded and that my Inner Spirit is well I have the confidence and strength to face the storms of life.


I am adrift
and I am sailing free
no need to worry about me
I ride the high stormy waves
and search for wider freedom,
the edges of nature.
Home is in my soul,
that is where I feel whole.
I see so many opportunities out there.
Once I am done with my excursion
I will be back to the shelter 
of the harbour to savour 
calm and stillness...
And wash the salt of my body.
In the meantime know that I am grounded in 
my gait cross the deck
and I balance just fine in my wonky stance.
Blowing kisses to the other-side of Eternity.

There is a strange letting go of expectations while still holding onto convictions – that is how I live life.

Have a wonderful weekend.

16 thoughts on “Sailing: Inner Grounding

  1. Another lovely poem with your philosophical reflections and teachings. Sorry that you lost your father so early in life and what would have been your step father too…How lucky that he passed on to you his knowledge of sailing! Have a lovely weekend too!

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