How do we say goodbye?

I lie beside my canine friend
And stare up into the canopy 
of my private bower
Watching butterflies flitter-flutter
And birds sounding like squeaky dog toys.
Leaves quiver shiver
In the hot autumn breeze.
I cuddle our family dog
Taking doggie-human selfies
Maybe for the last time.
Probably the last time.
Even although I roll the pros and cons 
over in my mind
Like a stone worn smooth
With constant consideration
(No moss there)
I am prepared and resolved
To see her pass over to her next life
My tears of sadness
For my canine friend
Express my love and care
As I gaze into her innocent eyes.
You, my dear friend, are teaching me
That it's okay to let the tears flow.
There's no shame in tears;
No guilt in letting go.
You have opened the window to my soul
A window of abundant generosity;
You further the steps
To my wholeness.
As our paths 
I thank you

How do you say goodbye?
Take care,

28 thoughts on “How do we say goodbye?

  1. Dear Morag, you have printed your wonderful words on my heart and in my soul!!
    Your poem is beautiful beyond words and I will copy every word into my book of inspiring quotes.
    Thank you for this and for your liking my comments on other blogs.


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  2. There’s no easy way of saying goodbye to our canine partners … I wish I had your lovely poem close by when we had to say goodbye to our beloved spaniels a couple of years ago (your words are so beautiful and full of caring). Though they are not here with us anymore, they are in our hearts forever … wonderful and loving memories ❀️.

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    • Yes that is right each dog that I owned is now in my heart. Thank you for the lovely compliment. My last dog 6 weeks too long because she had a rare form of cancer which first affected her feet. No one could work out what the problem was.. 6 weeks later when the biopsies of her feet came back we learned that it was devastating cancer. I wish I could have put her to sleep sooner it was both devastating and cruel to watch. It is hard seeing the suffering. But the memories of her life are still there.

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  3. I’m sorry, Morag! This is really very very difficult to say goodbye, that too to such a close friend. I can very well understand your position. Your touching words show the bond of love. But that’s the way of life. We have to face the stark realities. My thoughts are with you πŸ’–πŸ™

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