Mistake in my painting…

Last week I asked if anybody could see the mistake I had made in my painting. Somebody did reply, highlighting a different issue from what I had not noticed. And I appreciated her comment. I will tell you about the mistake I saw first then tell you about the one she pointed out.

Here is the original painting.IMG_20200208_130438



In the first image below, the stems and calyx of the rosebud are too light and it looks to me like the leaves and rosebud are floating just like I had forgotten to paint them. In the second image below, you can see where I have added the rust coloured paint it looks like the leaves and bud are attached.



IMG_20200208_130438      IMG_20200212_140528

The other thing you might notice is I made the inside of the nest darker as it makes it look more hollowed out. This is because somebody said: ‘I think it is to do with the nest – the birds are standing at the bottom of it.’ In my mind they were sitting on the edge but I thought about it and I can see how she saw it like that and think it is because I didn’t darken the inside of the nest so there wasn’t enough defined shape. Now that I have made the changes I am definitely happier with it even it might not be perfect.

Thank you for your comments. I appreciate them. I am still in a quandary about the colour of the open roses. I have a feeling that when I have varnished it the coloures will deepen and I will be happy with it. It is a chance I am willing to take as I have not varnished over paintings in over 20 years.


I hope you are also getting up to something creative. x