Restrictions of the mind.

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Let go of restrictions

of boundaries that crush and curtail

Squeezing  expectations smaller

the reduction of your Actions

And beliefs


Let go of restriction

Of fear and small mindedness

Saying ‘I can’t’ and ‘I won’t’

Making you shrink back

Into your shell.


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Let go of restriction

Of legalistic piety and adherence

That stipulate: ‘you should’, ‘you will’,

‘it can only be done in this manner’

‘Or you’ve failed’


What will become of you

In your restricted life?

Blocked, frozen, broken, stuck

Full of dashed dreams

And self-blame



Choose to take a leap into

 the Unknown, which you already know

trust with your child’s heart

Believe you can, make a start

The rest will flow


There’s a freedom in kindness

A fountain of peace in compassion

A total release of wholeness

When change comes from within

When the choice is our own.


Be set free !


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