To stay stuck or launch.

Sadly I couldn’t spell as a child and teachers put a great deal of emphasis on getting it write 😉 And so I squashed my dream for such a long time. Now I know that we will never have enough, or get it perfect, if that’s what we are waiting for. We must just start.

May we know when to stop the continual search for more knowledge and when to launch into action; for many of us stay stuck because we believe we don’t know enough.

Have a great week.

9 thoughts on “To stay stuck or launch.

  1. Our stories sound fairly similar. My mom just lacked the imagination to storify my elaborate squibles. I am re-learning to write – just to make the “am” took nine tries. When everything else fails, I give Grammarly a spin.

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      • I still write letters to my Dad, as of late sadly typed in Word on a clan letterhead I had made, then email it to the old age home. He is quite elderly now and didn’t understand why I didn’t mail it in envelopes. But our post office failed during lockdown or even before.

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      • Yeah I think it’s like that all over South Africa. It’s nice that he can still read letters and that you made a clan letterhead.

        My kids and I tried writing to my mom but she couldn’t see well enough to read and was almost stone deaf. It was sad to see. I am glad you can do that for your dad.

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