Our highlights in Zambia

Next leg of our journey will be Malawi but before we continue, here are some of the photos of the highlights of our trip through Southern Zambia.

We enjoyed our travels through Southern Zambia and when you read the title “Traveling sucks” it was the feeling I had on that particular day, not the whole time. I am looking forward to telling you about Lake Malawi. Here are the links if you wish to read about it.

An eventful day in the Africa, 2013

Prince Sibeso at Zambezi River.

Visiting Victoria Falls.

Camping with Crocodiles

From Livingstone to Monze

Traveling Sucks! Is what I said.

Malawi Border-crossing.

Take Care.

If you want to know more about our first part of the journey through the Northern Cape before we left South Africa you can find all the link here: Scenes of the North Western Cape, en-route.

Here is where you can find all the links for the tip through Namibia
An African Road Trip: Namibia 2013

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