Lake Malawi, stepping in the light.

Sunlight skipping
Across the lake 
Like silver-blue sequins shimmering:
Material waiting to be used for a ball gown.
Then the sun goes down.

Gazing over Lake Malawi,
I see little lights everywhere at night.
As the darkness sets in
Firefly light appears
A spot of glow
Here, there... hovering... 
Floating... sitting
Just like fairy lights.

If you are the fisherman's wife 
Watching for him,
The glimmer of hope coming
Across the lake... 
One by by... one.
So many lights,
From a distance looking so quiet
But each light is accompanied
By singing, chatting and musing:
Sounds so clear as they move closer.
Happiness, comradery and community.
Nothing lonely about the fisherman's light
Everyone has a community.
Then I see the full moon
Light shining
Creating a pathway
From Moon to me:
A creamy glow on an inky sea;
Breath takingly romantic.
A poignant moment before a kiss.

Come be in the moment.
Come be with me - 
My community
And enjoy what I see.
Live your dream,
See first-hand 
The spotlight of life
And what it has to offer.

Every day was special and different, every day captivating in it’s own way. I enjoyed slowing down the pace and staying in the different place around Lake Malawi; the morning light, the light on the lake, the moon the stars and the fisherman’s lights out on the lake at night was all a special treat for me. Unfortunately I couldn’t take photos of the fishermen’s lights with my camera at night.

Slowly, slowly my story will unfold.

Take care.

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