Taking time for yourself.

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything in a couple of weeks. It seems like the usual thing is to apologize about but I don’t see anything wrong with taking a break if you need one. I guess if I was trying to make money it would be the sensible thing to carry on regardless but blogging is mostly about expressing myself and my personal journey in and hopefully encouraging you along the way.

It is not that I didn’t have anything to say but rather …it was just not suitable for public reading. As a creative I go deep into my soul process and it is something that I only share with a few people. It is a deep reflective process. One day I am sure that my soul work will all become fuel for new blogs. My aim in my blogging is to share authentically but that doesn’t mean to share indiscriminately.

One of the predominant messages in our life time is to take time out for oneself; especially as parents and professionals and even in these problematic days of covid 19 – if one is going through a rough time such as grief and loss. I have found, because I can become focused and driven in my projects (to my own detriment) that it is sometimes important to take time out from my activities too, just to get in touch with the real feeling person that I am deep down.

This process takes time, effort and energy and it is not just lolling around on the bed or couch all day doing nothing. Well it could be it for you but for me taking time out to reflect deeply is an active approach. In this time I do quite a bit of reading and thinking, I pay attention to my dreams and meditation and walking also help. I am not into talking to all and sundry about my process but I do have someone I go to who helps me unpack my thoughts and feelings which helps me make sense of my personal process.

I believe everyone’s journey and process is very personal and how you get to know yourself and become more connected with yourself and the Source is a beautiful unique way. When I tell you what I do it is only to inspire you to find your own way into the Heart.

May you live and speak your authentic truth from a heart of kindness.

Take care.

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