Putting plans into actions
Is much like sowing seeds
My critical thoughts 
Attack my ideas
Like birds pecking
At seeds,
Eating away at my own goodness.
How many seeds are left to grow?
If I want to see a harvest
I  need to to put up a 'scarecrow'
Self-doubt is a crazy thing
We do it to ourselves
Yet with loving tenderness
We can alter our perspective of ourselves. 
Looking after ourselves is as important 
As a farmer tending his lands.  
Black and white sketch, 2015, Morag Noffke.

I find if I am not careful my creative ideas get swallowed up by ‘birds pecking at the seeds I sowed’: the critical voice and judgements against my own creative abilities and ideas. Maybe you experience this as well?

I think creative people often have amazing ideas but get put off by their harshest critics, one of them often being themselves. What is the antidote? I believe it is learning to practice compassion towards ourselves; this is a gentle and kind approach towards our actions and our inner life: feelings and thoughts. Tending the internal garden of our souls takes a graceful and compassionate attitude.  

I am ever grateful to those that have shown me kindness and compassion when I was my harshest critic.

Take care.

3 thoughts on “Self-doubt

  1. So much truth in this post and with such a perfect analogy! Somehow we have to learn to appreciate and value our efforts, in spite of the opposing, programmed thoughts criticizing our efforts! We must learn to feed those birds something else besides our self esteem and save our confidence.


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