Feeding your soul.

What feeds your soul?
There are many things that feed our souls and in my case I am specifically thinking of creativity. I hunger after creative processes. My innermost part yearns to create and find new forms of expression through art. It is my “child” playing and experimenting with making marks; in this case with natural pigments. It doesn’t have to be pretty or ugly or even profound. It just is… Having fun… Being in the process. This is meaningful and relaxing. I can land up ignoring this hunger and starving this need. What are your deepest hungers? Often it is something that will refresh or sustain you.

Some times we eat/drink our way in life looking for the thing we truly yearn for. (You could substitute any addiction or soft addiction for “eat/drink”.) I have a mental image of a caterpillar munching it’s way through leaves looking for the most juiciest satisfying morsel. We sometimes habitually do things looking for that something that will satisfy us inwardly. During the week I posted about Eating and self-reflection and how we need to listen to our body’s signals. We also need to listen to our soul, that still small voice which we often ignore, because it informs us of what we need to know about ourselves too.

Being spontaneous in my creativity and painting what I want to paint makes me happy. Knowing that I don’t have to impress anybody else in this process makes me happy.

Have a great weekend and take care.

Section of Your Inner Eden. Oxide and egg tempera, by Morag Noffke

18 thoughts on “Feeding your soul.

    • Thank you so much, I also love the colours. I am now trying to work on my egg Tempera painting process which has been a little frustrating… As I need to do more research about where to get supplies for non-acrylic gesso and supplies but covid is so bad here I don’t want to go to the shops at the moment. So I am doing other stuff in the meantime.


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