Collage Challenge: Taste/Tastes

What is a collage?

Dictionary meaning: Collage (not to be confused with college)  

noun: collage; plural noun: collages

  1. a piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric on to a backing.

Today’s prompt word: taste/tastes

I thought it would be fun to suggest a creative challenge for you.
Make a collage, inspired by the prompt (taste/tastes), of images or shapes or colours or textures done in your choice of materials: paper or photos or fabric or collected natural items (shells, bark, feathers etc.) or man made/recycled plastic waste.

Or maybe you prefer a collage of words or poetry.
Or all of the above mixed together.

You could use it as a quick experimental exercise.
Or you can take as much time as you want over it and make it into a work of art.

I hope to have my Taste/Tastes collage done by Saturday. I hope you would like to accept the challenge of making a taste/tastes collage. If you would like to share your image with me please link me to your post so that I can see what you have created. Thank you.

Take care, till next time

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