Artist’s Journey: different ways of making marks.

Different ways of making marks by the same person.

Different types of making marks can be achieved by using different types of art materials. In the first collection we see rubbings made by using leaves and bark that have given the patterns by rubbing wax crayon or pencil over the objects. This is typically an exercise that children find fun but as adults it can also be fun to do as a warm up exercise before doing a more serious project, especially if you feel a little stuck.

In the second set of images the use of making marks (using blobs, dots and lines) was accomplished in black ink. The series of images, portrays Africa by showing the different curios that you could find at that time. The images are symbolic.

In this third series of images, the use of mark making in graphite pencil becomes more about depicting the textures of different man made objects such as plastic packaging, paper bag, glass, metal, and bricks. Underlying the depiction of the ordinary man made objects is the exploration of materialism.

In the last two images the use of making marks the use of household products was to be included as well as normal art materials in creating our images. I chose to use coffee, boot polish, bleach as well as chalk pastels, oil pastels, and black ink in my mark making.

Making marks is also about how we show up in life, how we make our mark and who it impacts, for good or for bad.

The first image, Social statement, is a comment on how society benefits the wealthy and overlooks the plight of the poor: the more wealthy climb the ladder, stepping on the rungs of life, while the lowly worker is unable to climb the ladder.

The second image, Our Collective Junk, is a comment on how we as humans who are cleverly creating material goods are also piling up more and more junk that we can’t get rid of. On another level the title is a play on the Jungian term “collective consciousness.” The question is how conscious or unconscious are we about what we are doing to the Earth?

So briefly, I have shown you how making marks, or making art can be fun, or just a portrayal of an image or say a lot more. You can use just about whatever you want to to make your mark. In the end while the artist might express one thing it is up to the viewer, who perceives the images in their own way to respond to the images personally too. That, for me, is the beauty of art: there is an expression from the artist and a response from the viewer. In this way making marks is about the actions we take and how we impact each other in life as well. I would love to hear about your thoughts.

Take care till next time.

37 thoughts on “Artist’s Journey: different ways of making marks.

    • Thank you for your lovely comments πŸ˜€πŸ€—I think I would enjoy having you too. It has been suggested that I do online classes. I am just having a think about that as I like to create discussion and I am not how to do that in a zoom meeting or the like. But if I do decide to go ahead with it I might like to have you in my class in a free trial some time in the next few months. Let me know if that appeals to you. πŸ˜‰

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  1. I love what you have written, especially about the last 2 images. Much to think about!
    I’ve been diving into the idea of Minimalism lately, love the concept of only ‘allowing’ stuff into our lives that we truly need and only keeping stuff we truly love and that brings us joy, and this question came up a lot for me in recent times: “how conscious or unconscious are we about what we are doing to the Earth”

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    • Thank you, so nice to hear you thoughts. Yes absolutely! Minimalism is very inspiring and refreshing. I love the minimalist way of life. Sometimes it is difficult when one has children especially of this day and age but you are right it’s all about being conscious or unconscious. I think my kids learned by example. One became an environmentalist. The became a textile/fiber artist.
      I think this last year we baught nothing more except for groceries and some Pilates exercise equipment for home exercising.
      The other challenge for me is being an artist who dabbles in so many creative areas I have stuff that feeds into all those avenues. My one avenue of art is using found objects, or recycled, upcycled, repaired, reintroduced in new ways. So part of my home recycling is a conscious effort to have an empty garbage bin. The less you buy the less you have to throw away, but also I try to only buy things that can truly be recycled or repurposed either for art or life. This is my hobby horse 😜


      • As long s you can use what you buy, then it’s OK πŸ˜‰ Especially if you can use it for art, actually a good idea to make art of the leftovers, then at least it had a purpose in the end.
        I’m trying to be more minimalist-conscious, but as you mention, it’s difficult with kids, but they still young, I will teach them the way πŸ™‚

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