The cockerel and ground zero.

Farm life.

Have you experienced farm life? You can pick up some interesting stories. I grew up in a close rural community where there were both farmers and fishermen. We had a smallholding and, apart from having vegetables and fruit trees, we also had chickens and bees. So naturally I am more of an outdoors-nature-lover and a salt-of-the-earth type of girl who has a big heart and lives much of her life barefoot.

Now I am aware that in some cultures it is improper or rude to be barefoot but where I came from it is was perfectly normal. Apart from the farmers and fishermen the community was made up of surfers, artists and other unconventional or progressive types (anybody who felt different to the rest of South Africa). Hout bay (hout means wood in Afrikaans) is a bay nestled in the surrounds of the mountains on three sides and the sea on the forth side which made it feel remote and cut off from the rest of Cape Town. It was often referred to as having been its own republic although it was just a joke; many cars that drove in and out of Hout bay had “Republic of Hout Bay” bumper stickers. You could say that I lived in an unconventional community.

Anyway I digress.

I wanted to tell you a little story about Cockerel. One day, two youngsters got hold of their father’s brandy and soaked the chicken feed in it and then fed it to the local Cockerel. This Cockerel was a mean-spirited menace; although he was probably only protecting his wives. I am sure you menfolk could probably identify with feeling protective over your women but my young friends did not appreciate being chased around the garden by a spur-wielding Cock. So they came up with the plan of feeding this fighter with the brandy-soaked meal. Unsuspectingly he heartily gobbled up every morsel. Not soon after which he saw double and he took fright (not flight). He began to weave his way through the long grass and he found that his head wanted to lie down on the grass, so, in order to keep it up and prevent himself from colliding with the ground, he ran faster and faster, picking up speed until he couldn’t keep his head up any longer and eventually his head hit the ground and he summersaulted through the air. He was well and truly out; but not dead.

And why do I tell you the story about the cockerel and ground zero?

Sometimes we can be a little like this cockerel when we get “drunk” on the pressures of society, work, social media etc. and we run and run without taking a  break. I can identify with the Cockerel in some way because I find that as a creative person, it is as if I get drunk on creativity, and my life becomes more and more busy and frenetic until I am running about helter-skelter and hit ground zero or zona de impacto; which for me is the creative-wall. I land up feeling flabbergasted at how much I have achieved and yet also in need of internal repair: deep reflection and quietness is what is needed. Sometimes I need to look back and review my actions, sometimes it is the future that I am moving towards that informs me. This is what happened to me this week and here is my poem after my reflection.

Past wisdom
Leads and guides
Drawing from my experiences. 
Presence now
Is a gift:
Freshness, openness and honesty.
In the now
Gifting me and others.
The Place of the past
Endows me with riches
Depth and knowledge.
The time I have
To show
Is short lived
But the flow
Is most intense
That's where I am productive.
The space I shift towards
Is informed by my awareness
Of all that I am and have been
Or want to be.
Holding, shifting and adjusting,
Fine tuning the best life lived.
Owning my failures 
and my victories
In my best life.

I hope you all have a refreshing weekend, take care.

30 thoughts on “The cockerel and ground zero.

  1. I loved your story and poem and it certainly gives food for reflection! I am also guilty of being like this Cockrel and it is only when I sit back and look at the nature around me that I can put myself in some sort of acceptable order again! Thanks for sharing your reflections, and have a nice weekend too.

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    • Hi there, thank you for your comments, glad to hear that I am not the only one. Nature is a must for me too and I have just realized… Because we have been not allowed to go to the beach or rivers or nature because of covid I have been missing out on my dose of nature. There’s nothing like getting out in nature to be refreshed again. Thank you for reading. 🙏😊

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  2. I liked the interesting story of drunk Cockrel. We all are, as you have rightly pointed out. We miss something really beautiful in this world. I’m happy to know that you are nature lover. The line ‘flow is most intense, where I’m productive’ in the poem is really intense. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post.

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  3. ha, thanks for sharing, i think most creatives feel like that sometimes. I’m reading about goals now, and they say it’s good to know where you are now and where you want to go, so you can see the path you have to follow. Guess that will prevent the ‘drunkenness’.
    (I think I might like Hout Bay! sounds like my kid of place:) )

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    • Thank you for your comment 😀 sorry my internet has been shaky since the power cuts… Yes I think it is very human to have speed wobbles and such even when totally organized… I think artists have an inner landscape to contend with as well and usually it’s unpredictable.

      You probably would like Hout Bay. It is still lovely, the mountains and sea are always there… And the weather… But it is very much more built up now although it is still a huge tourist attraction in the summer. There’s also horse riding and boat trips and scenic routes. Have you been to the Cape before?
      I grew up there 40 + years ago 😅😅🤣scary how long ago that was 😂


  4. Cockerel, never heard a cock referred to as such before. Leave it to kids to come up with creative ways to get back at that menace. Lol, that had me laughing. I appreciate the life lesson in this one nicely embodied in your poem.
    Thanks for stopping by🙂


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  5. Hout Bay is such a beautiful place – when we’ve lived in Cape Town, we often took a Sunday drive towards Hout Bay (and then had fish and chips) 👍🏻.
    To get into nature – smell nature and hear nature – that makes my mind still. And to read your beautiful poem, that also brought a calmness over me 🌸.

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  6. Morag, I loved the story of the cockerel! What a great story to lead into being overwhelmed with creative “juices.” I would never be able to function like you do with so many ideas to follow through on. You have so many venues of creativity to explore! I am glad you enjoy these creative times but somehow you make time to enjoy the less creative parts of life too. Hugs and thank you for an inspiring post!

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