4 Year Anniversary Achievement

I want to take the time to honour the process of blogging, both for myself personally, and for my fellow bloggers who have been part of my journey. What started out, at first, I thought as a private affair with writing and myself became a very public affair with readers over the four years from all over the world. I have enjoyed the interactions with the comradely affect of having the opportunity to share on any topic and have responses from far and wide, from each of you. I have learned a lot.

The idea of it being an achievement is a bit of a surprise as I wasn’t sure if I would be able to sustain a commitment of writing; and if you go back to the beginning it was a faltering start. It is because of the community of supporters and encouragers that have fueled my passion to keep writing and share my views, experiences and thoughts about life, art, and the Earth.

Thank you to you all and much love.

42 thoughts on “4 Year Anniversary Achievement

  1. I’m a “young follower”, but I can honestly say, I’ve enjoyed each post I’ve read thus far on your blog … some of your posts brought tears, others showed beautiful places and then there were quite a few where I had “laugh out loud” moments 😁.
    I hope you continue for many more years and keep sharing your ideas, creativity, adventures and wonderful wisdom πŸ’Œ.

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  2. Woohoo!!! Congratulations on reaching your 4 year mark! I’m honored to follow your art and writings from allllll the way here in California! πŸ’• That’s the great thing about blogging, is that you can discover people from around the world. Great job!!!

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