Vancouver Island, Mystic Beach West Coast. (2014)

I have great memories of hiking through this forest and descending onto the beach. The beach itself was a tiny little beach that fostered a feeling cozy privacy. For the most part our hiking group was the only party on the beach. The forest was moist and there were many mushrooms popping up all over the place. My friend, S, had just gone on a course of mushroom identification and was quite keen on mushroom foraging; I was just not sure I wanted to be her first guests eating mushrooms freshly picked from the forest. Much to my relief she decided against mushroom foraging.

I think many of you already know how much I love visiting forests. It was great being with people who knew their way around the forest and I could just enjoy the views and the surroundings. Sunday, 21 March 2021 is the International Day of Forests and so it is no coincidence that I share this forest walk now. I want to inspire you to find a forest to explore, or do some forest bathing or just go for a walk to connect with the Earth and your soul.

My traveling tip: have a course of antibiotics in your travel-medical kit. As I mentioned at the beginning of this trip I was not feeling well; I got in contact with my doctor from home and the antibiotics were just what I needed. It meant that I was still able to enjoy short hikes.

Remember: Life is a gift, be inspired and let it happen! Take care till next time.

13 thoughts on “Vancouver Island, Mystic Beach West Coast. (2014)

  1. That looks like a beautiful walk … a lot of steps, but the end result was definitely rewarding πŸ’Œ.
    We’ve taken a lot of forest hikes when we were in New Zealand – almost the same as the one you’ve described here (ending the hike on a beach).
    I can vouch for the antibiotics – when we’ve done the Tankwa Camino I was in need of antibiotics and didn’t had (fortunately another hiker gave me her course – dear soul).

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