Thinking Back to Belfields Wine Farm

We are in lock down again as we try to avoid the Delta strain and I am thinking of Belfields, the wine farm we visited last year. We stayed in ‘the Stables.’ It was originally the stables for their horses, then it became a wine tasting venue and eventually they changed it into a little cottage. It was very quaint and cozy and it had all we needed for two nights. It is not far off from the N2 highway yet it is quiet. I often think about it when we drive past. It is a treat to be able to slip away from the daily routine and take a few days in the country.

When I was in my twenties I considered myself a camping lass but as I have grown older I have learned to appreciate the common comforts of a warm bed and a private bathroom. Even although I am still happy to rough it I enjoy a little spoiling from time to time.

I enjoyed taking early morning and evening walks, wondering around the garden. There were big mushrooms the size of dinner rolls, fruit orchards and a wonderful view showing up from between the trees and the foliage. It was a peaceful garden, just right for a retreat!

In the meantime: what am I up to? It is poring cats and dogs here and I am very busy creating mandalas which you can see if you visit me at my Instagram account morag_armstrong_noffke

Take care.

22 thoughts on “Thinking Back to Belfields Wine Farm

  1. Oh, this would be a wonderful place to visit, I’m sure. My London daughter has just texted (4.30 pm) to say that she is facilitating a board meeting at 5 pm! I’m not sure I could cope with being young again but I could certainly handle a stay at the Belfields Wine Farm. Thanks, Morag! A lovely post! πŸ’πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ


  2. Ah Morag, this looks like such a peaceful place – that garden is just gorgeous! So, you’ve also stayed at “horses’ stables” just like we did recently on our Karoo trip in “The Hell” … maybe this is the new ‘thing’ 😁.
    Yes, with all this rain it is the perfect evening for filled pancakes and a glass of red wine – stay warm 😍.

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