Visiting Amsterdam

A short post.

Originally Derek planned the flight to Edinburgh with a long layover at Schiphol airport so that we could explore Amsterdam. So he spent a lovely day there on his own, first meeting up with his nephew, and then he went for a boat trip on the canals. The boat is called a rondvaart in Dutch. It had an electric engine so it was completely quiet, which is something Derek would really appreciate. He told me that the guide cracked a joke and he was the only one that laughed. I thought maybe it was Derek’s Dutch sense of humor that connected with the guide but Derek thought it was that the other tourists were not first language English speaking.

After his long day, he treated himself to delicious banana bread with walnuts and ground almond flour. Then he did some sweetie shopping for his daughters. He landed in Edinburgh around 11pm safely and got his baggage without a hitch.

I made this slide show from all the photos he took which you can see here, at Derek in Amsterdam

I hope you enjoy a peak into his day in Amsterdam. I am glad that he got to enjoy his time there.

Take care,

18 thoughts on “Visiting Amsterdam

  1. What a lovely way to explore a city – on a canal, it’s pure tranquility! Glad to hear he is safe in Scotland (with his luggage πŸ˜‰). And I have no doubt that you will also get these opportunities once you get there πŸ’Œ.


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