Finding my fitness.

Finding myself unfit for hiking and activities needing agility didn’t come upon me out of the blue, like my cancer did. It crept up so insidiously it conned me into thinking I had more time. Yet there was a point, three years ago, when had I recognised that I was in poor condition. I had found myself in a very awkward position, scrambling down the side of the river bank to sprinkle my mother-in-law’s ashes. Terror tore through me as I realised I couldn’t keep my balance. I wasn’t convinced that I could negotiate the decline without falling. I was sure that nobody my age was supposed to be struggling like this, as it was in fact a medium slope but uneven. It took many months of active physio and exercising at home to regain my strength in my glute muscles which my physio had pronounced where all but deceased. Now at 55 years old, although I have to face the fact that youth is no longer on my side, I am very happy to notice the difference in my outdoor scrambling ability.

As I exercise with my 24 year old daughter S , her going at twice the speed, jumping and stretching higher, lunging and bending lower, and her sit ups, press up and burpees looking far more cohesive than mine I remember how I once was that age exercising with my mother, trying to encourage her. At that age I ran, cycled, danced, hiked and did aerobics until I had my first born D at age 29. After that the decline set in. at first I walked everywhere with the pram getting my exercise at the same time but when daughter S came along I needed to use the car a lot more. I always intended to lose the weight and sometimes even tried. Once I lost 15kg and kept it off for 18 months but it didn’t last. I am not intending to talk about my weight per say yet that is included in fitness; the more you weigh the more it impacts on your joints and then the more you injure yourself the less you do and the more you put on weight, and so on. So the vicious cycle followed me each year.

This is not a story of bold strides and astounding accomplishments but rather one of keeping on despite the overwhelming pull of gravity and age. My desire is always to feel as young as I once was, but I realize it is in living each moment, as it comes, to the fullest; taking the opportunities and making the most of life that counts. And therein lies the challenge: the fitter I am the more I will make the most of life!

My wellbeing is about physical-emotional-mental-spiritual (pems) health. So I am happy to be venturing out into the mountains, communing with nature,

GOPR0505 starting out to Fernkloof waterfall  beginning

Starting out to Fernkloof waterfall.

GOPR0511 butterfly

Walking up to the waterfall in Fernkloof Nature Reserve, Hermanus


GOPR0514 Fernkloof Nature Reserve waterfall

Fernkloof waterfall.

scrambling over rocks to watch whales …

GOPR0496 spray

Scrambling over rocks while whale watching at Windsor Bay, Hermanus .

and enjoying my newest hobby: sound and image recording. I am quite the non-geek and just a regular person from a non-technical world but I am game to learn. The good news is I should only get better as I go. So here’s to finding my fitness.



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