Baking banana loaf.

Lock down or social distancing – we are all in it. What are you doing to take your mind off of the plight of the world? Baking is like a meditation for me: hand mixing is repetitive and it is a time and space for me to think. I make banana loaf whenever I have soft bananas but it is also a good way to pass the time, the home smells delicious and Derek likes eating it – so we are all happy.


Let me know what you are up to.

Enjoy yourself and take care.

15 thoughts on “Baking banana loaf.

  1. That bread looks wonderfully delicious. To keep myself busy I work on my blog, play sudoku on my Kindle; play Words with Friends; call two or more friends every other day or so; check on three friend who are older than I am and three friends(when they are not working night shift); I love to learn things on YouTube such as meditation, birds and their songs, horse training (though I will never ride a horse again, I still love them) I also get at least one call a week from my sons and their wives, and get to say hello to my two grandsons 2 and 4 years old. .


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